Good Night, Little Panda

A review of Chengdu could not, would not, fall asleep by Barney Saltzberg

How many parents have had this experience?  “Mama, I can’t fall asleep”.  This is Chengdu‘s plight.  Chengdu is a small panda, wide awake while all the other pandas in the bamboo grove snooze peacefully.  No matter how he tries, wiggles, twitches or twists, sleep eludes him.   Finally, like many children, Chengdu seeks out his brother, Yuan, cuddles up to him and drifts off.  But, now Yuan is wide awake! 
Barney Saltzberg has created a gentle, humorous bedtime story that resonates with kids and grownups alike.  His soft illustrations, using a limited color pallet of white, black, grey and green convey the quiet ambiance of the nighttime bamboo grove.  Mr. Saltzberg was an Charlotte Zolotow Honor Book recipient for this title.


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