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Newspaper Archive entry screen
Newspaper Archive entry screen, the largest historical newspaper database online, contains tens of millions of newspaper pages from 1607 to present. Every newspaper in the archive is fully searchable by keyword and date, making it easy for you to quickly explore historical content. is adding newspaper pages faster than you can search them - with one newspaper page added every second - that's over 80,000 images a day, or about 2.5 million pages per month!

Newspaper Archive is a unique database of historical newspapers offered through EbscoHost. It includes close to 30 million scanned pages from newspapers spanning over 200 years, including The Capital Times, Wisconsin State Journal and many other local papers.  An invaluable primary resource for historical research and a unique tool for genealogists.

 Designed for any individual of any age or profession, provides a comfortable and safe environment with easy-to-use tools for fast searching and browsing.


This resource is available remotely to all cardholders of any South Central Library System member library and in-library at all member libraries.
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