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Find out more about your family tree by searching Ancestry Library.

A public library version of the popular that contains more than 4,000 databases, which include census data, passenger lists, and birth, marriage and death records. Search by name, by where a person lived or browse by region or states. The Map Center contains maps from across the United States. Data is compiled from the Social Security Death Index, U.S. Federal Census, UK Census Collection, immigration and military records, court, land and probate records and more. Over 2 billion names are available to search in AncestryLibrary. There are downloadable charts and forms that can be used to record searches and the names of your ancestors.

How do I save or print records?

AncestryLibrary may only be used in the libraries. In order to view charts and forms, you will need to use the Adobe Acrobat viewer.

The steps for printing AncestryLibrary images will differ depending upon the viewer you are using. Most of the images on the Ancestry Library website use a Basic or Enhanced Image Viewer. This includes all of the Census Images Online on the site. A few of the early Images Online (such as the Civil War Pension Index) use the MrSID plug-in viewer or the default HTML viewer.

Regardless of the image viewer you are using, you may want to consider printing the image in Landscape rather than Portrait mode. Your printer settings should have an option to switch between these two print modes during printing. If an image is wider than it is tall, for example the 1930 Census Images, you will want to print in Landscape mode. If an image is taller than it is wide, for example the 1850 Census Images, you will want to print in Portrait mode.

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